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A stay at Vega Brygge will offer you many pleasant experiences: From the cabin you can go directly downstairs to the floating pier where our boats are moored. From the seaside veranda you can prepare a tasty fish meal and enjoy the long sunny nights of the North.

Vega Brygge is located on the north-eastern side of Vega Island, a short walk from the ferry harbour, with a fantastic view of the ocean. You can reach the most popular fishing grounds within only a few minutes by boat.

Our cabin offers a range of modern facilities: the ground floor contains a dining room and kitchen facing the veranda, a bedroom and a bathroom. The second floor has a living room and two bedrooms. You can watch television - with the most common international channels - and a DVD player is included.

For further information, please contact us at our contact address and/or telephone numbers mentioned under [KONTAKT OSS] in the menu above.

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Vega Brygge, Igerøy, NO-8980 Vega • ePost: • tlf: [+47] 75 03 54 93 • mob: [+47] 900 49 526